The Louisa Guinness Gallery holds the distinction of being the inaugural gallery solely devoted to showcasing artists’ jewelry. It showcases extraordinary pieces crafted by esteemed artists from the 20th and 21st centuries. Louisa Guinness has established herself as a prominent figure in the realm of Artist’s Jewellery, and her role as a trailblazing gallerist in the field is widely recognized. The gallery’s core philosophy revolves around fostering collaboration with its artists, encouraging them to create pieces that resonate with their artistic vision and practice. Louisa answered some questions for us!

What is your earliest memory of scent?

Being told by my parents not to use the word Perfume but to call it scent

What kind of scents draw your attention?

Clean fresh in the summer – like the sea on a sunny day or in winter chistmassy and heady smells of clove and cinnamon

Does art and scent have a connection and how would you believe it engages both mediums?

Not a particular connection except that most people in the artworld enjoy a luxury product like a delicious smell.

Your favourite scent from our collection?

Calagrande – in the summer – love the smell of the tomatoe vines. In winter its Cuir Sacre for that deep rich sophisticated smell. Victoria’s candles are some of the best scented candles in the UK and beyond!

Your favourite piece currently in your gallery?

The ring I have just made with a colour change garnet set in steel and rose gold. I love that you get 2 stones in one. In one light it is blue, in another violet. The powers of nature!

Your favourite hidden gem in London?

If I told you it would no longer be hidden!