Luxury Candles

Vert de Serendip

Sun flares on the hot terrace, where long lavender shadows play beneath umbrella pines, and you glimpse azure sea through wafting pale linen. A lazy breeze brings the sound of cicadas, the smell of sun tan oil and the heady glamour of a Mediterranean garden. Romance cuts through the tang of sea salt, in a taste of sweat licked from skin, a twist of juniper spritzed with orange blossom, and a long siesta tumbles you from afternoon into evening, until freshly showered sun-kissed skin blooms out of the dusk, and a pair of eyes shine about a perfect mouth. Hot heaven and a honeymoon holiday.

Top Note Citrus, Green, Lemon, Galbanum
Middle Note Herbaceous, Lavender, Hyacinth, Geranium
Base Note Cypress, Vetiver, Oakmoss
Weight 270g
Burning Hours 55-60 hours