Luxury Candles

Chez Bagatelle

Warm desert wind rattles in the palm trees, wafting the scent of ripened dates on a cedar platter through the Moroccan night. Wicker chairs, deep cushions around a games table, the winning steel ball of the bagatelle board cracks through like a whip on a shout of laughter. The sparkle and scent of a tea glass heady with Maghrebe, the mint a splash of green poured high from a pewter pot. Outside an oasis, water trickles through the canopy of date palms, a lizard scampers across a giant gunnera leaf and into the cool shade. Beyond lies the desert, cool and calm beneath the moon, a breath of still night before dawn brings the Call to Prayer, the return of the sun and another sandalwood scented day.

This Fig Scented Candle is available in two sizes, Classic and Large, and is highly recommended by Victoria Cator for the festive season as well.

Top Note Sunbaked Dates, Fig, Green
Middle Note Cedarwood
Base Note Vetivert, Woody
Weight 270g
Burning Hours 55-60 hours