Luxury Room Sprays

Cuir Sacré

Late night louche and the music is intimate, the spirit smoulders. A trickle of absinthe on the rocks, the dazzle of gemstones crack like a whip on an ebony floor as a necklace breaks. A stolen kiss, the smoky nightclub, metal taste of bitten scarlet lips, a sigh of passion, silk crushed against leather, a trail of whispered promises in the dark velvet night, this is a candle for sin….a scent that gets under your skin.

Enhance your ambiance with this luxury rose-scented room spray with floral and leathery fragrance notes. 

Top Note Floral, Leathery
Middle Note Damask rose, Oriental, Fruity
Base Note Amber, Oud, Patchouli, Smoky, Musk
Volume 100ml