Sustainability Manifesto

This manifesto outlines our commitment to manufacture in a sustainable and responsible manner in all aspects of our work. We operate our candle, diffuser and room spray manufacturing business in the most environmentally and socially responsible manner, and in compliance with all applicable regulations and standards. We are committed to continuous improvement in sustainability performance throughout our activities.

Victoria Cator Fragrance Ltd. is committed to reducing our impact on the planet whenever we can.

1 – Our products are vegan

2 – We use only the finest European grade of mineral wax in our candles which is a clean white wax that has low contraction, good optical appearance and gives a superb, smooth surface finish with excellent fragrance retention. The low melting point ensures that the wax burns cleanly and evenly preventing tunnelling and ensuring best industry practice.

3 – All our wicks are made from cotton and during the manufacturing process dipped in distilled water to enable a cleaner burn.

4 – All our products are made in the UK.

5 – All our products boxes, sleeves bags and tissue paper are made from fully recyclable paper.

6 – All our posting boxes, packing material and tape are made out of recyclable paper and fully biodegradable.

7 – We are in the process of manufacturing refills for our diffusers. These will be made from recyclable PET plastic.

8 – We are committed to reusability and the re-use of our glass candle and diffuser containers as accessories.
Here are some super handy ideas:
– Store your makeup brushes
– Pop in cotton pads or buds
– Use as candy jars on the table
– Use as vases and add some flowers
– Re-use it as a candle holder
– Store matches or lighters
– Use as a general bathroom/bedside tidy

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