Samantha Todhunter is a longstanding dear friend of mine and a designer whose work I deeply admire. We had the wonderful chance to interview her for our blog and we hope you enjoy reading it!

What is your earliest memory of scent? 
I used to spend every summer in Sardinia as a child and the smell of the hot dry landscape of those summers clambering over rocks resonates with me still today –  wild thyme, the smell of tomatoes on the vine hot from the sun, wild fennel, sage and Italian straw flower.
 How do scent and interiors go together in your experience?
The first thing I will notice when I walk in to a room, is the smell – for me they go hand in hand – the smell of a room tells so many stories about the person.
What kind of scents are you most attracted to? 
A mixture really – I love the moody smells of leather/oud and santal but I also love the uplifting and heady smell of orange blossom.
 The perfume you like to wear the most?
So difficult to answer – my go to by day is Eau de Sens by Diptyque but I also love bright intensity of ‘Premier Figiuer’ by L’Artisans Perfumer 
What is your favourite scent from our range? 
L’Orangerie and Touche Bois!
What is on trend right now when it comes to interiors?
Trend is such a difficult word to attribute to a room because rooms are so personal – for me the trend should be a timeless room that can hold it’s own whatever is deemed on point at the time.
Your favourite travel destination?
Anywhere in the Mediterranean by the sea
What inspired the Warborough Collection?
It is a collection of easy go-anywhere pieces that I have collected myself over time and reinvented.
Your favourite piece in the collection right now?
The ‘Carla’ footstool – quirky and elegant at the same time.