Summer Scents

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Summer is a time to rejuvenate, relax and reset. After a two year hiatus, finally we can travel to distant destinations and meet loved ones to create unforgettable memories.

Our scents are influenced heavily by my travels and memories growing up. Summer is a nostalgic time and and I would like to recommend some summery scents from my luxury home fragrance range that are perfect for gifting, enjoying for yourself and of course ones that will transport you to a happy memory.


Cala Grande

Imagine yourself in an orchard with oranges, Cala Grande is the grand dame of my scents, Clementine Leaf, Mint and Grapefruit are just some of the notes of this complex fragrance which will transport you to Cala in the summer – literally!

Reine de la Nuit

Reminiscent of a creamy fragrant summer night, this is a jasmine lover’s dream. Featuring notes of Jasmine Orange Flower, Cassie Flower and Blackcurrant, you may find yourself nostalgic for Christmas whilst spraying this scent during a summer soiree.

Cuir Sacre

In dark summer nights, this scent will get under your skin. Featuring notes of Oud, Amber, Damask Rose and Bergamot – this is the perfect perfect blend of spicy, floral and leathery.