Luxury Candles

La Vie En Rose

Tall doors swing open to armfuls of dusky pink roses, their scent stills the hypnotic beat of dance music. The mood of this moment is carefree, caught on the Left Bank, it’s a portrait in black and white but tinted rose pink. The Music starts up again, the tune swoops across petals etched with a Tuscan black pepper twist, and a spritz of Lilly of the valley, dancing us back in our dreams to late red velvet nights at Chez Castel, where Grace Jones sings Edith Piaf’s La vie en Rose, a song that speaks directly to the heart. It’s a charmed life where time spools a thread of happiness spiked with jeu d’esprit, and a lipstick imprints forever love, from this potent moment right back to La Vie En Rose.

Our rose-scented luxury candle will complement the ambiance of any room and comes in two sizes. 

Top Note Lily of the Valley, Tuscan Black pepper, Lemon, Galbanum
Middle Note Rose, Carnation, Geranium
Base Note Honey, sandalwood, Musk
Weight 270g
Burning Hours 55-60 hours